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Returning God's Loan
By Jeffrey K. Wilson

Bill & Beverly Wilson were busy before retirement, Bill as an academy teacher and later in Adventist hospital administration.  Beverly touched others as a secretary and receptionist.  Both were always on the lookout for someone to pat on the shoulder or pray with.

In retirement it’s even harder to find them at their home in Collegedale, TN where they are actively volunteering at Southern Adventist University, the Samaritan Center, their local church and retiree’s events.  Their overriding goal is to make a difference in others.  “That’s what brings us real happiness,” Bill confesses.

And that’s why 
when they recently updated their estate plan, they designated a generous portion to global and local church outreach ministries. 
“Everything we have,” says Beverly, “is on loan from God.  We want to be found faithful when God reviews the talents He has loaned us.”

Copy for Tiding Ad, June 3, 2013, Revised October 23, 2013

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