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Amazing Facts
Phone:  1-800-436-2695
Website:  http://www.enduringlegacy.org

Central California Conference
Silvia Forbes

Phone:  559-347-3128, 888-424-5777
Website:  http://cccgift.org/

Nevada-Utah Conference
Jason Bergmann

Phone:  775-322-6929
website:  http://www.nucadventist.com/article/73/ministries/trust-services-and-planned-giving

Northern California Conference
Richard Magnuson, Jr.

Phone:  925-685-4300
Website:  http://www.trustnorthern.org/

Southeastern California Conference
Charles McKinstry

Phone:  951-509-2221
Website:  http://seccadventist.org/

Southern California Conference

Geof Park
Phone:  818-546-8400 Ext 421

Voice of Prophecy
Phone:  1-800-348-5993
Website: http://www.vop.com/plannedgiving 

Western Adventist Foundation (WAF)
Phone:  602-220-0042, 866-356-5595
Website: http://paucwestern.adventistfaith.org/



The Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada