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Be Prepared, Have Your House In Order

We learn by example.  Our two elderly aunts lived together and held everything in common.  Worried about what might happen if one or the other of them died, the aunts prepared their funerals; wrote out all their wishes for their belongings; and had an attorney prepare their wills. When they died, there were no unanswered questions. Their testimony, in death as in life, was: “Be prepared. Have your house in order.”  A well known author once wrote, “Death will not come one day sooner... because you have made your will.”

By welcoming Planned Giving & Trust Services into our life and into our church, we can truly live this belief.  Making wills is part of ordering your life - like doing a family budget or planning for education and careers.  We’re preparing wills and guardianship documents for our children - so that our family can lead our church by example.

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