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Insights and ideas to help your Planned Giving & Trust Services program from the GC/NAD PGTS Director.

2019, 1st Quarter; Relationship Building with Planned Giving Donors

In September and October of 2018, I spent time riding on a bus with colleagues from the General Conference office building. During this time of travel, I was able to get to know many people who I was…

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2018, 4th Quarter; Updated Certification & CPE Policies

Accreditation is required for all NAD Planned Giving & Trust Service (PGTS) organizations who are actively promoting planned giving, educating members in planned giving techniques, and involved in…

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2018, 3rd Quarter; Talk with Your Leadership

Talk with Your Leadership “(Many) feel that they are stepping upon forbidden ground when they introduce the subject of property to the aged or to invalids in order to learn what disposition they de…

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2018, 2nd Quarter; Give Your Best Gift Campaign

PGTRS eNewsletter 2nd Quarter 2018 From the Director’s Desk LEADER OUTREACH Give Your Best Gift Campaign April to August 2018 2018 is the year to focus on encouraging church members to give their…

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2018, 1st Quarter; Wills Advertising Campaign

PGTRS eNewsletter 1st Quarter 2018 From the Director’s Desk Wills Advertising Campaign April to August 2018 The North American Division (NAD) Planned Giving & Trust Services (PGTRS) Department…

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2017, 4th Quarter; Changing an Organization’s Level of Service

October 2017 From the Director’s desk The Planned Giving & Trust Service (PGTRS) accreditation levels of service were introduced at the PGTRS conference in Tucson, Arizona in August 2017, and fo…

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