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Planned Giving is the process of stewarding resources and possessions to meet personal, family and charitable goals.

Planning Your Legacy–A Christian Guide to Planning Your Will & Trust

This guide is designed to assist you in your decisions as they relate to the assets God has entrusted to you. The goal is to avoid placing all the assets we have accumulated in our lifetime on the probate judge’s desk and say by our inaction, here are all the assets God has given me now you decide how they should be distributed. This guide is designed to assist you in your decisions as they relate to the assets God has entrusted to you.

Spiritual Counsels for Estate Planning

The following material has been compiled from the pen of
inspiration to assist those who desire to know the counsel and will
of the Lord in the planning of estate. It is with the sincere purpose
and desire “That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly
furnished unto all good works,” that this material has been prepared.

What Legacy Will You Leave?

We all desire significance – To lead happy and fulfilled Lives surrounded by family and Friends. For many of us, there Is a compelling need to make a Difference – to leave a lasting Impact on the people most dearTo us and the world in which We live.

The Future is What You Make of It

Failure to plan may result in accidental disinheritance. Accidental disinheritance occurs when you have no will or your will doesn’t function properly. Because failure to plan means you risk harming those you love and subjecting your estate to needless tax, most people will need to make a plan for the future.

Will Your Will Be Known?

It may have started the first time we took a deep breath and blew out the candles, or perhaps it was when we gazed upon a lone star in a dark sky. We would quietly make a wish and take care to tell no one, in hopes that the wish would come true.

Guide to Gift Planning

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Ending the Year Well.

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Estate Planning Made Easy

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Family Charitable Giving Fund- A simple tax-wise tool to manage your giving.

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Food for Thought. Plan for your future like you’d shop for healthy foods.

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Giving For The Future.

Planned Giving Brief

Protect Your Loved Ones and Create Your Legacy.