Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Deferred Flexible Gift Annuity?

I know what an immediate and deferred charitable gift annuity is but would you explain the Deferred Flexible Gift Annuity.  Yes, it is like any other Charitable Gift Annuity, a contractual agreement between you and the charity.  In exchange for your irrevocable gift of cash, securities or other marketable asset the charity agrees to make fixed payments for life to one or two people.   Deferred and flexible payments begin at a future date. You control when payments start within a pre-determined range of possible starting date that you select.

This question was recently asked by a husband and wife.  They repeated the concept back to me asking why they could not use this as part of their retirement plan considerations.   This was not their only retirement consideration; the concept was attractive to the couple as another retirement component.  The couple contributed $25,000.00 for a deferred flexible gift annuity.  The gift annuity agreement allowed them to start quarterly payments on March 31 of any year not earlier than 2010 nor later than 2020. The amount of payments is based on the year in which payments begin.

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